Women Treats – Beauty tips to bring out inner sexiness

Former attorney and now an accomplished author “Madame Meg” Bertini is back once again to share her thoughts to happier and enjoyable lives by coming up with simple beauty tips for you to bring out your inner sexy.

She stated that you don’t have to spend so much in order to achieve this goal. “Madame Meg” has helped a lot of people via her “Find Your Sexy” events usually held at the Harmon Theater in Las Vegas.

Here are seven beauty tips she shared:

1. Wear sexy lingerie. According to Madame Meg, the feel of the silky fabric against the skin brings out a reminder that you are really beautiful.

2. Apply perfume on areas that can make you feel sexy. The areas include the inside of the wrists. This gives you an opportunity to smell your perfume discreetly any time of the day.

beauty tips

3. Try out new lipsticks or lip liners that can add volume to your lips.

4. Make time for a body scrub. You can do this yourself. The products are readily available in supermarkets at reasonable prices. Starting or ending the day with a body scrub relieves tension.

5. Spend on clothes once in a while. Purchase clothes that you feel can make you look great. The clothes that you want may not be on sale but if you feel that it’s worth it then go for it. You need not splurge all the time but it’s also good to reward yourself with something that makes you feel great.

6. Try on false eyelashes. There are several arrays of false eyelashes with different colors and sizes.

7. Try on new thigh-highs. These usually give an extra special feeling under your clothes. It’s time to buy different hosiery.


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