Wedding Hair Styles: How Should You Wear Your Hair on Your Wedding Day?

One of biggest mistakes made by women on their wedding day is to completely change the way their hair looks like. Some brides go to extremes by coloring their hair or by chopping the long locks off. It is understandable at some point, because all women want to do is to look great in their wedding day.

However, what should your wedding hairstyle really be?

wedding hairstyleWedding hairstyle experts suggest that brides should pattern their wedding day hairstyle from the way that they wear their hair everyday. The only difference is that this time, brides should make their wedding hairstyle more glamorous than their day to day hairdo.

With a few jeweled clips and curling iron magic, a bride can go from common to fabulous and still look like herself.

Wear it Down, Let It Down – Brides who wear their hair down from day to day should consider keeping their hair down on their wedding day. To dress it up they could curl it with a wide barrel curling iron and pin a few tendrils up with a bejeweled pin. If you don’t want to wear your hair loose, you could also do a romantic low riding bun.

Ponytail Bride – Brides who usually wear their hair up or in ponytail should also consider doing a similar wedding hairstyle. A simple French twist made more elegant with curling tendrils is perfect for the bride who wears her hair up. Ladies who wear their hairs in a ponytail should consider doing a low-lying side ponytail.

Again, curl it up for a bit of drama.

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