Unwanted Hair Out Through Laser Hair Removal

The most preferred method among all of the epilators or hair removal procedures that take both hair and root thus, canceling the hair’s immediate growth is laser hair removal. The common perception among those who are familiar with hair removal is that this method is exclusive to the use of laser. Yet, amongst professionals, intense pulse light or IPL and other phototricholysis or photoepilation (those that use light as the medium of removing hair) methods all belong to the laser method.

Laser hair removal had to be developed through laboratory examination for twenty long years of intensive research and technological advancement. This is so because the process tinkers on certain dermatological functions of the skin. With this fact in mind, the usage of laser in hair removal had to be developed in such a way that other functions of the skin are not affected by the application of laser.

The process of laser hair removal intentionally damages a certain part of the skin area. This area is called the follicle. This is where the skin starts to grow. Since light of laser intensity transforms into heat, laser hair removal specifically heats up melanin in the skin. By doing so, hair is removed permanently.


The role of melanin in laser based hair removal is crucial since it gives the method its unique characteristics from other forms like IPL. First and foremost, it has to be noted that only black and brown hairs can be removed through laser. This is so because, melanin as a dark target matter or chromophore only reacts to laser when it is specifically eumelanin or that which tints hair with black or brown. Pheomelanins that cause blonde and red hairs cannot be removed by laser.

Yet, there is another way for other hair colors to be removed through laser. This is through the artificial implantation of eumelanin in the skin of a blonde or a redhead. The problem here is that it is impractical given that the process will take too much time. The best option for individuals who do not have black or brown hair is the use of other methods like intense pulse light hair removal or electrology.

Laser hair removal has entered the popular lines of vanity procedures since it is painful, safe and effective. The development of this technology has been considered a gift to a lot of people within cultures that consider clean slated skins as beautiful. Although it does come with a price, it is all worth it.

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