Top of the Line Results Minus Intrusive Pain with Hair Laser Removal

Hair has always been a problem to many people who take the extra mile in caring about how they look. This is so because hair in exposed parts of the body save for the head area are considered unsightly in many cultures especially those that are well acquainted with the international standards of human aesthetics that is largely, although not wholly, determine by the west. With that, hair removal has upgraded itself from the primitive plucking and shaving into other more sophisticated and even permanent methods like hair laser removal.

What made hair laser removal so popular since its official recognition in 1997 are the facts that characterize the effectiveness of the method. First, it takes the least number of days or sessions to finish. Second, the technology has been developed in such a way that it doesn’t pose any threat to the dermatological welfare of the person except when the machine itself is substandard and deficient. Third is that it is considered to be almost 100% foolproof except in cases where the machine or the operator is substandard.

Lastly, lasers for hair removal purposes are so safe they could be used on the toes, hands, legs, arms, chest, neck, face, thighs, pubic area, bikini lines, buttocks, abdomen, back, underarm, shoulders, ear lobe, chin, lips and many more.

laser hair removal

Given the popularity of the hair laser removal, it has been subjected to a lot of innovations that have proven to meet the aforementioned core benefits plus more. Before, the procedure was just limited to visible lasers. Yet, now there are those that come close to safe radiation that come close to infrared. This laser technology has also been the inspiration for the development of the intense pulse light or IPL hair removing procedure that use flashes of xenon that produce light in full spectrum.

Since hair laser removal work by burning melanin in the skin in order to affect the production of hair in the follicles the sensation that a person experiences when undergoing the procedure is only heat. Yet, the intensity of this heat depends upon the skin color of the person. This is so because the darker the person, the higher concentration of laser is needed. This results into hotter sensations. Yet, all treatments have countermeasures for the burning sensations. This is so because after the laser treatment, one gets cooling treatments like air cooling, cryogen spray, contact cooling and clear gel.

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