Top 3 new fashion tips

Fashion these days is all about being bold, trying out new things and being on the edge with latest fashion. Of course, the latest trend for fashion sees to come out every month but there are still some basic tips that you can follow and use this new year without looking like a funny clown. Here they are:

1. Wear skinny jeans, jacket etc. all around!

Streamline your silhouette to look your best this season. Wear narrow-structured jackets and tapered ones to emphasize that hip. Finish off with a pair of oxford style sky-high heels. Add a pair of hoop earrings and a cute hand bag!

skinny jeans2. Mix different patterns!

Do not be afraid to try mixing different patterns and styles. Opposites attract, remember! Mix your wintry plaids with your spring floral but remember that they should be from the same color family. Mixing the prints will give you a sophisticated and fun look. Don’t forget your rocking pair of high heels!

3. Always dress up casually.

Dressing up doesn’t mean that you can no longer dress casually. You can glamourize and make your outfit look sophisticated by wearing jeans paired with a tank or cotton dress and throw on with you jeweled necklace and leather heels.

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