The Changing Prices of Wedding Dresses

The latest statistical reports have shown that the marriage numbers are continually going down year after year. It seems like the new generation is no longer as interested in marriage as their parents once were.

But, despite that – there is good news for women who do get married: Weddings Gowns are getting cheaper!

A few years ago, a visit to a bridal shop ended with brides purchasing wedding gowns costing a small fortune. The attitude is changing now and as a result retail and high end wedding gowns are becoming more affordable. Women can even purchase a wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Emanuel for under 900 USD.

celebrity-wedding-dressEmanuel is one half of the design team that created Princess Diana’s lavish satin and Tule wedding dress back in the 1980s.

More resourceful brides are also finding that shopping for wedding gowns abroad is cheaper. They can purchase couture wedding gowns abroad or online for as little as 300 USD.

And those would already be great gowns. The only downside is the courier costs. Brides also have the option of shopping for wedding gowns in Sample Sales.

In those sales, even Vera Wang gowns originally prices at 2K USD can be purchased at a mere $150.

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