Proper Waitressing Etiquette

As a waitress, you should not forget that you have pledged to become a servant; servant in a way that you have to serve your customers not only to satisfy them but to delight them to the point that they will be very willing to give you your desired tip.

However, this could not be achieved without you practicing the proper waitressing etiquette. Here are some of the protocols that you, as a waitress should observe:

1. Be courteous and polite:

Customers are king and as a king, you should treat them politely and courteously. Greet them with your sweetest smile and accommodate them wholeheartedly.


2. Do not turn the meal into a bull ring or gossip party.

Do not peep over your customers’ shoulders just to hear what they are talking about. Mind your own business and let your customers mind their own business.

3. Always be neat and clean.

You are a waitress and you are working in the food industry.

Make sure that you present yourself neatly before your customers so as not to give them the idea that what you are serving them is not clean.

4. Attend to your customers as fast as you can.

Customers love to be served quickly. However, make sure that you serve them quickly and efficiently.

Yes, they love quick but they hate inefficient and careless waitress.

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