New search by jewelry meaning now at Ka Gold Jewelry, meaningful gifts this Christmas season now possible

In a unique effort to make Christmas gift shopping a breeze and more on-the-dot, cosmic jewelry website Ka Gold Jewelry ( has launched a new search by jewelry meaning feature. Now, purchasing jewelry for one’s self or as gifts for others is made more meaningful and personalized.

(Givataim, Israel) – In a unique effort to make Christmas gift shopping a breeze and more personalized for loyal customers, popular cosmic jewelry website Ka Gold Jewelry ( has launched its new “search by jewelry meaning” feature.

This new feature aims to help cosmic jewelry aficionados choose and purchase pieces for themselves or for others by letting them search by characteristic or purpose.

“For instance, if a customer wants to buy jewelry pieces for protection, all he needs to do is use the search by jewelry feature and they can find the various items that are meant to guard or keep them safe from harm,” Ka Gold Jewelry designer David Weitzman explains.

“For customers who want to attract love, they can just use the new feature and they’ll soon be led to a page where they can choose jewelry pieces for love. These are based on symbols and texts that remind the wearer of the power of love and its supreme importance. One of these pieces could be the ‘I Love Therefore I Am’ ring. This is a paraphrase of the famous words of Descartes, ‘I Think Therefore I Am.’ Another could be the pattern of life ring or the flower of life pendant which comes in both silver and gold,” shares Weitzman.

Ka Gold Jewelry’s search by jewelry meaning feature can help customers look for pieces that address specific needs such as Love, Abundance, Protection, Courage, Creativity, Happiness and Joy, Beauty and Harmony, Healing and Self balance, Modesty and Humility, Success and Self Fulfillment, Unity and Oneness, Self Creation and Ancient Wisdom.

“Now it is easier for customers to find the jewelry meaning that inspire them the most,” Weitzman said.

The new feature can also greatly help Christmas gift buyers as shopping is now more personalized and more meaningful. “Because the gift will be based on the need of the recipient or on what would inspire that gift recipient the most, then the purchased jewelry will be more on-the-dot, more personalized…and we all know that personalized Christmas gifts are the way to go these days. The receiver will definitely cherish it and consequently, will appreciate you more for your thoughtfulness and extra effort,” Weitzman reasoned.

The new Ka Gold Jewelry search by meaning feature can be found at

All unique and effective cosmic jewelry pieces are designed by Weitzman for The jewels are made with the intention to bring liveliness, courage, love and happiness to people’s lives. Composed in the language of art, sacred geometry and spiritual concepts, Ka Gold Jewelry pieces are highly recommended gift ideas.

Weitzman is known for his passion for sacred knowledge, positive change, spiritual symbols, strength, healing and various talismans. A self-described truth seeker, the renowned jewelry designer gained worldwide recognition following his first designed released in 1998. Weitzman has studied the fields of Judaism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ancient wisdom and eastern spirituality. More of Weitzman’s works as well as his personal blog wherein he shares the various stages of jewelry design can be found at

For more information about Ka Gold Jewelry designed by David Weitzman, visit their site at or send email to

David Weitzman may also be reached via phone numbers 972-54-2401327, 972-3-5733401 and 1.718.4733922 (United States phone number)


About Ka Gold Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry by David Weitzman is a jewelry website that mixes sacred science, art, and spirit to create designs that reveal the truth about people’s identity and the true nature of reality. Behind these sacred symbols for healing, self-balance and unity is the knowledge that enables people to take complete control over their lives so they can rid themselves of chaos, fear, and hatred that affect so many people.

For authentic sacred jewelry and talismans, Ka Gold Jewelry is the perfect one stop shop! For more information, visit or send email to

David Weitzman may also be reached via phone numbers 972-54-2401327, 972-3-5733401 and 1.718.4733922 (United States phone number)

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