My attention grabbing Ondoy t-shirt

I first wore this shirt during Wordcamp Philippines 2010. I didn’t really think it would attract so much attention but it did! A lot of people asked me about this shirt, where I bought it, how much was it and if what was printed on it was true. LOL. Truth!

As you can see below, what’s printed on the shirt is “This used to be a white shirt. Ondoy 09/26/2009.” Ondoy, as you may or may not know, was the fierce typhoon that hit Philippine shores last year. The international name of Ondoy is Hurricane Katrina.

Typhoon Ondoy hit so many homes and flooded so many streets. Although I was two islands away from Metro Manila, where Ondoy struck the hardest, I was somehow “involved” albeit virtually. I was busy tweeting and retweeting calls for donations or calls for help or calls for rescue.

I was also busy blogging all about Ondoy and where people can send their donations. But my “biggest” achievement was when I was able to organize a fundraising concert in a matter of days. Several bands came to lend in their support, people brought cash and donations in kind and together with help from generous sponsors, I was able to raise a pretty good amount. The cash and other donations were then handed over to Red Cross.

So yes, this shirt is special. No, it really wasn’t originally white but one thing is for sure – it will be a constant reminder of the power of will, kindness and prayers.

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