Model posing tips for aspiring models

Want to become a successful model? Perhaps you have plans of joining reality shows like America’s Next Top Model or something. Well, for aspiring models out there, here some model posing tips when you are posing in front of the camera. Hopefully, these tips for models and aspiring models on how to pose can help you!

During your photo shoot, your photographer will most probably direct you to follow the poses that he wants to capture but of course, it still helps if you know what to do even without directions and instructions from him.

model posing tips

1. Don’t hold your breath. Relax.
2. Keep your shoulders up and keep your back straight.
3. Unless you are told to do so, don’t keep your arms straight. You can either bend one arm or both.
4. Use a variety of eye positions. Do not always look at the camera.
5. Big smiles are big NO for every pose.
6. Listen to your photographer.
7. Rest your weight on one foot instead of doing it evenly on your thighs.
8. Don’t place your arms flat against your sides.
9. Chin up!
10. Lean forward.
11. Do cross arms.
12. Bring your arms together on your waist.
13. Clasp your hands below your waist.
14. Slouch
15. Lean backward.
16. Raise your arms above your head or your shoulders.
17. Keep your arms apart.

There you are. These are the general model posing tips. You’ll surely have a lot of posing to do with these tips!

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