MANGO Golden Sequined Overnight Bag

I’m a huge MANGO fan. I just love their products. Whenever I have extra shopping money, I see to it that I buy classic pieces from MANGO like a little black dress, a really nice scarf, a nice blazer, a funky shirt and even an oversized sweater. MANGO has nice, quality products and for an international clothing design and manufacturing company (MANGO was founded in Spain), the prices are, in my opinion, pretty reasonable. Are you a fan of the MANGO brand as well?

I just want to share with you guys a photo of the stylish MANGO golden sequined overnight bag that I recently received during the MANGO Centrio Mall CDO branch launch. This MANGO bag is actually not sold in their stores per se. You have to spend roughly US $250.00 before you can get this as a freebie. Pretty nice MANGO handbag, right? I plan to use this on an upcoming trip 🙂 I also think this MANGO bag will make a really fun gym bag!

What do you think of this MANGO overnight bag? Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

Thank you MANGO Philippines for this lovely gift!

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