Importance of Wearing Not-Too-Casual Casual Business Attire

The past five years has seen businesses go from strict business formal attires to more laid back business casual. Some companies even have days where an employee can come to work in jeans and a t-shirt.

PS2Because of this change, people are already complaining that the work place has become too casual. Employees can even be seen wearing flip-flops in the office. Business Casual Attire is good and all, but it does beg the question: Has business casual become too-too-casual?

Offices are a place of business and as long as a person is not working from his home office, there is absolutely no excuse for wearing flip-flops. That type of footwear is only good for the beach, walks down the boardwalk and in the shower. They are not appropriate for the work place.

Aside from flip-flops, jeans are also against the work dress code, especially if paired with collarless shirts or tanks – unless of course, the company explicitly advocates the wearing of denim.

If a person wants to wear jeans to the workplace, they should at least be stylish. Dark-washed jeans are great.

To make them more work appropriate, jeans should be paired with a formal top or with a suit jacket. The choice of footwear is also crucial. Leather is acceptable and sneakers are generally frowned upon.

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