How to have beautiful short curly hair

If you have a naturally curly hair, depending on the pattern, you may want to go with curly strands from the hairline towards the ends. The best way to make it really beautiful is to follow the steps below:

1. Use a moisturizing shampoo perfect for the current hair type, texture and condition you have. If you wish, you may also wash your hair with conditioner.

2. Do not forget to use a rinse-out conditioner because soft curls are not good to hold their shape. It would be better to dilute the conditioner before applying it to your hair.

3. Finish the rinse with a cold/cool water to close the cuticles and give your hair the natural shine.

curly hair charlize theron

4. Apply a good defrizzant product, styling mousse and leave-in conditioner to protect your curly hair against frizz. This will also provide your hair with extra conditioning and will help you create beautiful curl profiles.

5. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. You can apply a little straightening gel to your bangs and top portion of the hair line.

6. Use a blow dryer and paddle brush. Blow your hair dry from the roots towards the end.

7. Attach a diffuser to your dryer. Keep your hands and fingers out of your hair to prevent frizz.

8. Use a curling iron for more refined curls.

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