Hair removal methods for flawless skin

Hair has its own aesthetic value. Yet, its beauty could only be appreciated if it is found on the right places in the body. There are several areas where hair occupies space in spite of the fact that they shouldn’t be there. Take the underarms for example. Unless dictated by a cultural sense of beauty, women shouldn’t be seen walking around with unshaved armpits especially if she is wearing sleeveless clothes. When wearing a flattering bikini, it is impossible for anyone to appreciate the woman’s entire package if distracting pubic hair peeps out of the outfit. It is also unsightly for a woman to be seen with excessive leg hair in public. For these and many other reasons, people turn to means and ways for removing hair. There are those who tediously shave everyday. Yet, for those who could afford it, others opt for convenient permanent and non-permanent hair removal methods.

When talking about hair removal, there are two different types. First is the method of removing hair on the skin surface level. This is generically called depilation. The most common practice under this type is ordinary shaving. Given that this hair removal method is only superficial, it requires daily maintenance. This is the reason why other people opt to invest in the second method called epilation. Here, the hair is removed in such a way that the roots are plucked with the hair thus deferring the immediate growth of the hair. This is done through threading, waxing and sugaring. Yet, the more pricey yet, permanent methods are the most popular especially amongst those who could afford them.


The most common permanent hair removal method or epilation is laser. This is a non-intrusive method that only registers as a warm feeling. This means that there are no injections or even plucking involved.

Another method is the IPL or the intense pulsed light. This method involves the usage of a modified light that has higher intensity. This is almost similar to laser yet, it costs more. This is due to the fact that it only takes a single session for all the unwanted hair to go with this particular method.

Hair removal could be done within the comforts of one’s home. Shaving and the application of hair removing creams have to be performed on a regular basis. Yet, the rest of the methods have to be done by dermatologists and by trained personages. This is so because they require the use of tools and machineries that could only be handled by individuals with proper training.

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