Duties of a Maid of Honor

What exactly does a maid of honor do in weddings? She is the worker bee and part emotional lifeboat of the bride. The lady chosen for the part is that one with lots of energy, with the enthusiasm to keep the show (or in this case, the wedding) up and running, with the listening ear for the bride, and that who can make her laugh during the emotionally high times and that who is responsible enough to keep the bride loaded with those that she needs as well as those that others who are part of the ceremony needs.

So you would know what it means to be a maid of honor, here are what you should expect if you are given the role:

The maid of honor is the one that leads the troupe of bridesmaids. It is her duty to direct the others with what is expected of them. The matron of honor ensures that the bridesmaids have gotten their dresses, have gone to dress fittings, and have found the appropriate jewelry.

She assists in the shopping for the bride and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Unlike the bridesmaids, however, the matron of honor is the one who pays for the entirety of her wedding attire.

The matron of honor is the one who aids the bride with the pre-wedding preparations. She helps the bride choose the wedding motif (colors) and even nodding with untiring enthusiasm as the bride chooses which wedding cake to choose!

She also is the one who disseminates the news on where the bride and groom are registered.

She helps the bride change from her wedding gown to her honeymoon suit and takes charge of the bride’s wedding gown when the ceremony ends—that is, she is the one who finds the place to store the wedding gown until the bride comes to pick it up.

The most important duty of the maid of honor is to give an ear to the bride when she needs it the most. The MOH is there as an assurance to the bride that she has a confidante whom she could share her thoughts, fears, concerns or worries with. The MOH should be patient and enduring in listening even when the bride keeps repeating some of her complaints or concerns or even when she continues to dwell on the same subjects.

The matron of honor also hosts or co-hosts the bridal shower.

It is imperative for the matron of honor to be present in all pre-wedding parties.

She keeps records of the gifts that the bride received in parties and showers—if this proves to be too tedious a task for her, she can enlist the help of a bridesmaid.

She takes charge of the planning of the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids.

She is responsible for the lodging arrangements of the bridesmaids and makes sure that the all bridesmaids are present in rehearsals.

There are more responsibilities that a maid of honor must fulfill apart from those mentioned. The work of a matron of honor is not easy, indeed.

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