Different Pregnancy Signs That You Should Look Out For

If you are like other women trying to figure out if you are pregnant or not, then you need to know the different pregnancy signs.

However, the symptoms and signs of pregnancy may be similar to other signs and symptoms so how are you to know how likely these symptoms and signs are to mean that you really are pregnant.

Of course, when you start seeing the pregnancy signs, the next thing that you should do is to ask other people but still, the best thing to do is to read through different books and add up the different signs that you see in your body.


The more pregnancy signs you have, the more likely and more possibly you are to be pregnant.

So to help you, below are the different signs of pregnancy:

1. Missed periodm
2. Abnormal or unusual menstrual period
3. You just feel pregnant
4. vomiting and nausea
5. changes in your libido
6. Swollen and sore breast
7. Enlargement of your breast
8. strange cravings
9. increased urination
10. fatigue
11. skin changes
12. Montgomery’s Tubercules
13. stretch marks
14. Colostrum from Breasts
15. Quickening (Fetal Movement)
16. Changes in uterine shape
17. Positive Pregnancy Test
18. Braxton Hicks Contractions
19. Enlarging Uterus
20. Fetal Heart Tones
21. Palpation of the Baby
22. X-ray Detection
23. Ultrasound Detection

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