Business attires for women offered by secondhand store

Andrea Estrada has seen some great changes in the clientele often visiting her secondhand shop. Normally, her secondhand store serves poor and unemployed women who are trying to stretch their dollars especially when it comes to clothing.

However lately, because of the tough economic condition, the proprietor of the secondhand store starts seeing more middle to upper class shoppers who have a place in the working and job market.

“We’re getting 15 to 20 calls per week from people we haven’t heard from before,” said Estrada, the executive director of Bottomless Closet in Milwaukee.

Bottomless Closet secondhand business attires

The Bottomless Closet, a member of The Women’s Alliance caters to women who are trying to enter the job market but without sufficient professional business attire.

Estrada further stated that her shop gets referrals from different agencies that help people find a job. She described these people as those who are going through some changes and transition.

There were women who were employed but because their companies downsized, they were laid off but now they are ready to get back into the working market.

Estrada explained in her interview that it feels good that many are coming to their shop for business attire but it feels sad that some of them are coming there because of tough life.

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