Bridal Makeup 101

bridal-makeup-101 ( first rule of Bridal Makeup is that the bride must look absolutely stunning. All eyes will be on the bride as she walks down that aisle into the arms of her waiting groom. People will be following her every move as she and her man take their first dance. That is the reason why bridal makeup must be flawless.

In order to achieve that, here are a few tips and suggestions to make sure that when all eyes look at the bride, they will see a happy and perfectly made up woman.

LESS IS MORE – Brides and Makeup artists alike should fight the urge to pile on the cake foundation. There could be nothing worse than a bride whose makeup is cracking and peeling from her face. No. Keep it to a minimum. Conceal only what needs concealing. Using a tinted moisturizer may be more ideal. The same rule goes for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Keeping it to a minimal makes sure that the bride looks fresh instead of old and tired.

PLUCK AHEAD – When there is a need to trim the eyebrows. It is best if this is done ahead of time. A day ahead would be ideal. That way, any redness from the plucking would have subsided by the day of the wedding.

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