Beginner’s Guide to Buying Makeup

As surprising as it may seem, there are still a lot of women out there who do not know how to buy and use makeup. Some of them refuse to while others are simply afraid of making mistakes.

For those who are afraid and reluctant – All they have to remember is the fact that makeup doesn’t have to be hard and that people rarely make mistakes. Unless of course they apply it on so heavily and they start looking like Bozo the Clown – bless his soul.

makeup applicationIf this is your first time purchasing or using makeup, it is recommended that you start with foundation or a good base powder – at least.

Go to your local drug store and pick out a brand that says ‘hypoallergenic’. That way, you minimize your chances of getting rashes.

If you get confused with the many skin tones, relax and ask for help. There is bound to be a sales representative there somewhere. Find one and ask them to assist you. If there isn’t any, then just wing it and pick a color that you think best matches your skin tone.

While there, you should also look into buying some powder blush and lip-gloss or a good neutral lipstick. Stay with neutral tones during your first time.

If you do not know what shades are ‘neutral’ look for lipsticks that say nude, buff, etc.

It is also advised that you invest in a good set of make up brushes. Look for ones that say real hair or natural fiber.

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