Be a Celebrity by Getting a Celebrity Hair Style

Are you dreaming of having a celebrity hair style? Stop dreaming and go and get it! Read on and check out the hottest hairstyles worn by your favorite celebrities.

Gwyneth Paltrow Hair Style

This is perfect for those with shoulder length hair. It looks like Paltrow is a wearing bob style that?s been growing for months now. To get that Paltrow effect, go to the salon and ask for a blunt that is perfect enough to hit above your shoulders.

Rihanna Hair Style

This is the perfect hair style for those who are confident to stand out. If you have petite body frames, a Rihanna hair style would be perfect for you as well because the style won?t overwhelm your body.

Penelope Cruz Hair Style

Her style works on all hair textures but curly. Cruz is wearing thick and softly layered bangs and this same style is perfect for those with slightly wavy hair. Just keep the other layers really long otherwise; you will look like you are wearing the shaggy style.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hair Style

Have you got curly hair? Then this style is perfect for you. To get this Parker style, ask your stylist to make long layers all over your head.

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