Attires that can help you clinch that job interview!

Here’s another women treat. It can be time consuming to figure out what to wear when you are off to your job interview. It is a known fact that your attire can also affect the outcome of the interview.

Here are some simple yet useful tips that you can do to nail your job interview:

• Conservative attire:

This is your safe option especially if you are aspiring for an executive position. Don’t wear clothes that have distracting colors. Conservative attires include gray or navy blue clothes. Black is a safe bet as well.


• Ask the employer what kind of dress is appropriate:

It doesn’t hurt to ask although it would be best not to ask the hiring manager. You can call the company’s human resources department and ask what dress is appropriate for a particular interview in the company’s department.

• Don’t over accessorize:

Don’t put on too much perfume or adorn yourself with a lot of jewelry especially ankle bracelets.

Be clean:

Make sure that your clothes are properly ironed. Prepare yourself by grooming your hair and fingernails. Take a bath and brush your teeth as well.

• Be aware of what NOT to wear:

For men, don’t wear turtlenecks but rather go for collared shirts. For women, don’t wear short skirts or leggings.

You attire doesn’t only mean what you wear but what you project to your potential employer. Wear smart clothes and look smart.

Good luck!

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