Animal rights group stage protest rally at Toronto Fashion Week

Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged a protest rally outside the venue of the recently concluded Toronto Fashion Week.

Three models from PETA have stripped down their clothing and placed their banner that strategically hide their private parts. On these banners read “bare skin, don?t wear skin,” calling for non-use of animal fur.

The rally caught the attention of several passers-by who gathered near the models Emily Lavender, a long-time PETA campaign advocate, said that they are staging the protest to encourage the public to not wear animal skins. She added that it is never fun to kill animals for the sake of fashion and vanity.

PETA protests are already considered a regular fixture in major fashion shows around the world. Some incidents have caught global attention including the one in 2001 where protesters threw tofu pies to one of the fashion designers.


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